Beach Song

Beach Song (Scott Curts)

Beach is fine for walkin
Love the crystal sand
Worries all have left me
Gently holding hands

Every step is easy now
Empty steps behind
Sweet conversation
Smooth simple grace

Takin in the salty…Read more

I Will Find My Way

I Will Find My Way (Scott Curts)


Nothing can stop my heart from Beating. 
Nothing will keep me from reaching
Deep inside my living soul I know
All I need is a reason


Nothing can stop…Read more

My One And Only Girl

My One And Only Girl  (Scott W. Curts)

It never seems so easy
to lay down your burden
But, I can see so clearly
that girl you are hurtin’
I know I let you down so many times
Now it’s…Read more

If The World Were To End

If The World Were To End (Scott Curts)

If the world were to end tomorrow
Would you be ready to go
Would you just sit in your sorrow
Or will you be late for the show

If the World were…Read more

Right In Front Of Me

Right In Front of Me (Scott Curts)

I lost myself to many times
Wondering what the hell is real
Chasing all the butterflies
Dancing throughout the Field
And I keep looking, keep looking back for you
Am I too far,…Read more

Chillin' In Paradise

Chillin’ In Paradise (Scott Curts)

Chillin' In Paradise Livin' On Island Time
Chillin' In Paradise Everybody feelin' Fine
Chillin' In Paradise Livin' da dream Man
Chillin' In Paradise Yes Yes Yes

Left my worries on d' Mainland
Packed my bags,…Read more


Happiness (Scott Curts)

Some people feel I'm pollyannish
Some people think I'm Naive
Rose colored glasses on my face
I believe it's how I choose to see

And I feel Alright
Don't bother selling me your frown
Yes the…Read more

On My Way To You

On My Way To You (Scott Curts)

The winds of your destiny
Carried you Away from me
I stand in mystery
To know just how far

I can still feel your heart
Beating from miles apart
And I will take…Read more


Dreamland (Scott Curts)

I wonder what you’re dreamin of
Could it be about me?
I wonder where you’re traveling to
or are you sleeping beside me

Dreamland Dreamland

Are you nestled in your castle?
Or are you sitting on your…Read more

In My World

In My World (Scott Curts)

Verse 1
I Wake Up, Grab my cup
Fill it with my favorite stuff
Got to have my Coffee
Turn On The Boob Toob, like we all do
Catch up with my morning news
And…Read more