I Know, I Know . . . Another New Website?!?! Really?!

After only a year out of the gate with my Solo Performance, I'm on my 3rd website. Although, I don't have a huge following . . yet. . I probably have confused and bewildered the small flock that might be peeking into "My World of Music". 

Why? One might ask, most importantly, my girlfriend, can't I just find a platform and stick with it. "Stop chasing the next greatest shiny object", my lovely has pronounced. Perhaps I can express my reasoning as I launch this new platform. 

1st Time. Working on my first CD release is quite a challenge. It’s a great practice in discipline and time management. I spend a lot of time just maintaining my promotions on the old website and managing events and social networks just to get my performance information out. 

2nd Efficient Communication. Through an exorbitant amount of research and studying, I'm searching for the best tools to work with all social networks, email campaigns, aggregate information, and the future distribution of my music. I want the whole perfect package. Well, perhaps there isn’t a perfect package, but, I have found this package which does all of that and more. 

3rd Respect for You. In my effort to get my news out and sharing my music, I do not wish to clutter your inbox, Facebook pages and social network feeds with more noise. I battle that on a daily basis and respect your personal privacy and freedom from the noise. This platform Integrates very smoothly and I intend to utilize it proficiently. 

So, I must thank you for your patience, and graciously share with you, once again, my new website, and invite you to stay in touch and on board with my journey as I stretch my wings further and get my music out. I hope you enjoy it. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me. I’m still fine tuning the details, and I highly respect your time, privacy and freedom. 

Thank you, 


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