Beach Song

Beach Song (Scott Curts)

Beach is fine for walkin
Love the crystal sand
Worries all have left me
Gently holding hands

Every step is easy now
Empty steps behind
Sweet conversation
Smooth simple grace

Takin in the salty breeze
Loving thoughts and memories
Can't help but feel at ease with you now
Subtle stars fill the night
The breathless moon sits just right
Staring back with all its might 
As we stand, Holding Hands

Easy walk a mile or two
Empty steps behind
Nothing stops this journey through
This special place in time

Life laughs inside our hearts
As sorrow runs away
Desperate hope turns into faith
As we hold on to this day


Moonlight on your face
Illumination taking place tonight
Shooting stars cross the sky
I look into your sparkling eyes
And I see your loving light 


Copyright 2013 Scott Curts

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