Debut CD Still In The Studio

I am so excited with the work I've been doing in my incubator of a studio. There is a homemade sign above the door of my home studio titled, "Womb". Creative ideas are born in this environment and I'm very fertile right now. :) Before I'm finishing a production, I'm hearing a new song in my head, taking notes and recording the ideas so it's not lost forever. Some ideas flow easily, others I have to work at nurturing them into this world. And that's the beauty of this space I'm in. There's nothing like this process of creation and I'm conscious to keep the ideas flowing and stay in this space. 

What a beautiful gift to have and share. I can't express how lucky I feel to be able to create music and even more lucky to be able to share my creations with others. It's a thrill to play my original music for people who have heard me cover other artist’s music for so long. Their surprise is exhilarating and feeds my hunger to keep going. 
The challenge: I have spent so long in my musical life focusing on “The Music” and not the lyrics. When I’ve learned cover songs, learning the lyrics is the hardest thing for me. I hear the music and not the words. It’s strange but, it’s how I’ve processed my craft over the years. So, there is a new learning curve for me, and if anyone has this same excitement about learning something new that’s close to your heart, then you know what I’m experiencing. And I’m challenged and eager to become a better songwriter. 
I hope you are enjoying the sample tracks on my website: They will all be on my new debut CD titled, “In My World”. My goal is to have 10 original songs and 4 cover songs. I’m still in the tail end of my writing and production stages, and I’m eager to share the finished product with you. Please share with me your feedback as I’m very interested to hear your thoughts and ideas. Thank you for taking the time to read, listen and share.

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