A Holiday Thank You: Free Download 

Happiness Is In Gratitude and The Gift of Giving

I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a good long life of doing what I love, performing music. No, I never made it to stardom with a big phatt record contract. However, I have been my own boss, performing for several years (27 1/2) in my local area. 

The beauty of my work is that I make you and other people smile, including myself, with my music. I get to move people musically. Perhaps you or someone has had a bad or difficult day, I can help you…

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5 Years And Counting . .  

Wow!  My LinkedIn account reminded me that  5 Years ago I started working as a Solo Looping Performer.  I was making changes in my life.  After almost 14 years working with some very talented musicians in the band Chameleon, based here in Sarasota, and had a very successful run, I decided I needed change.  I'm glad that I did.  

I will always be grateful for the fantastic music we created in Chameleon, and the fans that faithfully followed us at the venues.  We performed hundreds of weddings throughout the…Read more

Chillin' At The World Of Beer Music Video Released!! 


"Chillin' At The World Of Beer" Music Video Scott Curts, Singer Songwriter and Performer- Composer and Performer 
MowMote Productions - Storyboard, Direction and Video Production 
Dean Lambert - Owner of Sarasota World of Beer, great motivation 
World Of Beer Corporate Offices, Tampa, FL 

"Chillin' At The World Of Beer" single is a remix of my original "Chillin' In Paradise" on my Album "In My World".  After performing this song at the World of Beer Sarasota, and changing the lyrics for the venue, Dean…

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Thank you, World Of Beer!! 

I just want to Thank the World of Beer in Sarasota, World of Beer Corporate offices, Mowmote Productions, the whole staff at the World of Beer Sarasota, The members of W.O.B. and the very enthusiastic Loyalty Members of W.O.B. for an incredible day of shooting our video for my single "Chillin' At The World Of Beer".  Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.   

The first day of shooting was a great success.  Two more scheduled shoots to go and the magical editing skills of Nate of Mowmote.  Stay tuned for the video…

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Happy New Year!! 

Hello 2014!!  Let the goals begin!!  

I want to wish you a wonderful and fantastic New Year! May you reach your goals that you have set forth for this new year and share your inner music and talents with the world. I look forward to sharing my new projects with you as I continue to write and produce more music this 2014.  

My goals include my 2nd CD and having my music placed in film/tv/ads. My first goal on my list is getting my music on Satelite Radio, Internet Radio and College Radio. That's in place…

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In My World Digital Album 50% off Through Dec 31st! 

As a token of my appreciation to everyone supporting me and my musical endeavors, I want to offer you, your friends and family a holiday discount.  From now until December 31st, you can purchase my my digital album, "In My World" for 50% off. Only at my webstore at my website: This does not include iTunes, Amazon or Google Play.   

Please feel free to share this offer with your friends and family.  I greatly appreciate everyone's support for my live performances and for my…

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Summer Fun And CD Done!  

Look Out Fall!! 

I want to thank everyone who have shown their support and made efforts in their busy schedule to come out to my events .  I can't thank you enough, seeing your smiling faces means the world to me.  I'm happy to do what I do and be able to share it with people who appreciate my craft and love.  I would also like to thank all the venues for continuing to support my music by having me back on a regular basis.  I have developed some wonderful relationships and friendships with the managers and…

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Tis The Season!!  

 I hope everyone is good spirits and kind fashion this year.  It's been a rough year for many people.  It's easy to overlook the real treasures we already have in our lives.  Our families, our friends our opportunities to share our crafts and skills to help people enjoy themselves.  This past Saturday was a fantastic night for just that for me.  I enjoyed playing for the Sarasota Outboard Club at their Christmas party.  What a fun group of people.  It was a great pleasure to meet them.  Check out the video…

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Debut CD Still In The Studio 

I am so excited with the work I've been doing in my incubator of a studio. There is a homemade sign above the door of my home studio titled, "Womb". Creative ideas are born in this environment and I'm very fertile right now. :) Before I'm finishing a production, I'm hearing a new song in my head, taking notes and recording the ideas so it's not lost forever. Some ideas flow easily, others I have to work at nurturing them into this world. And that's the beauty of this space I'm in. There's nothing like this…

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