Recognizing and Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King ? 

This photograph has been misunderstood for so long. It is commonly thought that this was Mr. King’s German Shepherd. The true fact is that Martin Luther King was arrested, like many times, for peacefully protesting in a sit in demonstration at a St. Augustine motel restaurant. He was being transported in this photo from St. Augustine’s St. Johns county jail to Duval county jail in Jacksonville due to death threats. He arrived in Jacksonville in a car with 6 police officers and a police dog. 

When I first saw this image years ago I thought the same thing, that this was his German Shepard. Having been the owner of a German Shepherd myself I recognized the disposition of the dog was in a receptive state and not in an offense state. 

This makes me think that it is within Mr. King’s nature to be in a loving state himself, despite the fears he may have felt inside due to death threats and animosity towards is persona. Every animal feels the energy of a person and other living animals. 

I may be wrong about my perception of this image. But I know that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. deserves to be recognized and praised for his work and efforts in raising the awareness of human rights and equality. 

I find it very sad that theres still such a hatred towards people that are different. Different color & even hues of skin color. Different backgrounds and cultures. Different religions. Or even non religious people. 

This separation movement is inhuman. It is fundamentally Non-American, yet it is branded as American. Liberty ? is weeping. She’s sad because her family is breaking apart. 

Today I am grateful & honored to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A true American.

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