From the recording In My World

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My One And Only Girl

It never seems so easy
to lay down your burden
But, I can see so clearly
that girl you are hurtin’
I know I let you down so many times
Now it’s my turn girl to show you
Everything’s gonna turn out fine

No more heartbreak for you to carry
No more sleepless nights for you to bury
I’m gonna take it away girl

Yesterday is gone and I will promise you
Every day we have I will give to you
Every ounce of joy through everything I do
And you’ll be my only, My One and Only Girl

I know you’ve been wounded
I can see you’re in pain
from the sting of deception
My vanity and shame
I’ll never let you down any more
The rough seas are behind us
We’re approaching the shore


You are my Lady (Yes you are)
Come hold me baby (hold me girl)
Open up you heart for me
And I will set you free

Words and Music, Sound Recording and Production
by Scott W. Curts
Copyright 2012